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We love what happens around the restaurant table. Not only do we live to create great food, but we love having a place to bring people and communities together - to share in the special moments in their life.

It all begins around the restaurant table and then weaves its magic from there. We welcome our customers to create their special moments within the walls of our historic restaurant on Vashon Island.

Our Story

The Hardware Store is the oldest commercial building on Vashon Island and has seen a lot of changes over the last 125 years. We are honored to be the current inhabitants of this important building listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. We sit right in the middle of town, seeing everyone who travels by ~ feeling a bit like the heartbeat of the island.

great good food

Our Mission is to create a 'great good place' where people in our community can come together. We began our journey 12 years ago when the original Vashon Hardware Company decided to close its doors. We planned to open a restaurant, but found ourselves mired in the restrictions and regulations of King County government. Thus, our plan took some twists and turns as we realized we couldn’t do exactly what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it.

So now we call it the evolution of The Hardware Store and it’s been an interesting journey. We first opened as a retail store (not changing the original “use” of the building allowed us to open without government restrictions), and decided to sell art, wine, designer salvage furniture and Italian scooters! Yes, we invented an entertaining use to carry us through the stages and hoops we needed to jump through in order to finally open as a restaurant.

As we worked through these challenges, we found out what an important place this building and its history was to the Vashon community. People were drawn to us, so we opened our doors to them, their friends and other groups who needed a place to meet or celebrate. Even as we were evolving from Hardware Store into restaurant, these halls were filled with laughter, chatter, stories being told and stories being made.

Ten years ago, we finally opened as a restaurant! We invite you to come on down for a great meal, the perfect martini, or a fantastic bottle of wine from our cellar. Experience our full service espresso bar and take a stroll back to the Art Gallery, which showcases island artists. Meet your family, friends or business colleagues at The Hardware Store Restaurant. Most of all…enjoy your time here and soon you will see why we call this 'the heartbeat of the Island'.

(enjoy our free wifi)

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